Hydroponic Herbs

The demand for locally grown, organic fresh herbs and lettuce, has clearly grown in the last years, resulting in a strong increase for hydroponic growers.

As a consequence, we see an increased demand for watertight sleeves, specially designed to package and promote hydroponic herbal plants and lettuces.

The ideal packaging for Hydroponic Growers are conical sleeves which can safely hold a small amount of water to extend the shelf-life of the fresh herbs.

For this application, Mediane has designed a special Hydroponic Sleeve with a fully watertight bottom seal.

This strong bottom-seal strengthens the original conical shape of the sleeve and therefore allows for overall printing and better store display. Our printing is exclusively done in High-Definition Flexo, which provides the highest quality printed image feasible.



  • Increase number of Hydroponic growers
  • Need for watertight sleeves
  • High Definition Flexo printing
  • Track & Trace printing units
  • Extra strong bottom seal


Basic specifications:

  • CPP
  • Watertight with extra strong bottom-seal
  • Thickness as from 40 micron
  • Printing 2/Sides up to 8 colors
  • High-Definition Flexo printing
  • Unique individual Track & Trace numbering
  • Ventilation holes
  • With our without Block/Flap